The Recording & Audio Mixing Course is meant for students who intend to work in a recording studio facility or, composers and writers who want to mix their own songs. In either case, the course curriculum is an eye opener and focuses on the technical aspects of getting a song together into a final piece. Please note that this course can be taken only after completing the Basics Of Audio Engineering & Logic Pro course.

After completing this course the students will gain a firm understanding of :

  • Recording Techniques : Professional musicians will be brought in for you to record
  • Mixing Practices & Axioms : How to Approach Mixing A Song.
  • Anatomy of a Mix : Deconstructing Songs
  • Dynamic Range Processing : Working with compressors, gates, expanders, etc.
  • Equalization : Shaping the tone of various instruments.
  • Effects Processing : Working with delays, reverbs, distortion, etc.Course Duration : 1.5 MonthsCourse Fee : Rs 37,500/-Have more questions ?

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