The EMP or Electronic Music Production Course seeks to engage the student in hands on Electronic Music Production. With electronic sounds dominating most of today’s songs – knowing how to work with synthesizers and samplers becomes necessary. Students will be working on industry standard third party software – like Massive, Serum and others – to create cutting edge sounds similar to those heard on popular tracks.

At Keynote Music Academy, the philosophy towards teaching is two fold – first, Introduction Of A Technique and then, Why The Technique is being applied. In short, both the how and the why need be understood by the student to ultimately be able to do justice to his/her own ideas. The EMP or Electronic Music Production Course follows the same philosophy of teaching. Besides this, students will also be taught the proper ways to go about learning a technique, or a tool, or a plugin. This helps them to be confident and in the correct path of learning even when the course ends, and they carry on working on their own.

Why This Course?

Students will have access to professional DAW session files of leading music producers and will be guided as to how these were created and why they work. To top it off, students will also be receiving over 8 GB of royalty free samples and loops that they can use in their own compositions.

With this course, we aim to provide one of the best electronic music production courses in Delhi and possibly India! Welcome to the school of Electronic Music Production.

After completing this course students will have a firm understanding of :

  • Music Theory
  • Sound Synthesis & Design : How to Create your own signature sounds
  • Creative Sampling : How to Make Audio Loops sound Interesting !
  • Film Sound : Creating Ambient & Orchestral Sounds.
  • EMP : Signature EMP Techniques like Side Chain Compression, Distortion, etc.

Course Duration : 1.5 Months
Course Fee : Rs 27,000 /-

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