The Basics of Audio Engineering & Logic Pro X course sets up the foundation for anyone who wants to be either a sound engineer or a music producer. Although aimed at beginners – the course covers a lot more than just the basics. Students will be learning topics ranging from the basics of Digital Audio to advanced features such as flex editing, making it the ultimate Logic Pro X Training Course!

Why Logic?

Training in Logic Pro X means a balanced understanding of both the creative and technical aspects of Music Production. Logic is used by top music producers globally like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, A R Rahman and more, as their go to DAW.

Why Choose This Course?

Apart from covering the fundamentals of sound engineering concepts – we place a huge emphasis on the creative possibilities. Sound design (creating your own sounds from scratch), Audio and MIDI Recording and Music Production in Logic Pro X will be taught in groups of maximum 2 students.

After completing this course, students will have a firm understanding of :

  • Digital Audio – How Computers work with Sound.
  • Studio Equipment Essentials
  • Navigation in Logic Pro X
  • Creating Music with Logic’s inbuilt Instruments.
  • Audio Recording & Editing
  • MIDI Recording & Editing
  • Advanced Audio Editing with Flex Modes

Course Duration : 1 Month
Course Fee : Rs 18,000 /-

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