Best Free DAWs of 2017

There are several Digital Audio Workstations or DAW’s available in the market today. Starting from the modestly priced to the upscale, over the top. But that does not really mean you have to reach out for your wallet to get a DAW that offers efficient workflow and effective tools.Here are the best free DAWs available today –

    Reaper is a worthy contender to any DAW. With a full feature set-it offers tremendous MIDI functionalities and several plugins.It is available in 64 bit – meaning it uses every bit if your RAM to give you a stable, seamless workflow.REAPER is technically free with a free trial for 60 days after which you will still be able to use the software but will be prompted to pay for it regularly.

    REAPER is available as a free DAW on Windows and Mac OS X from here:



    Collaborations are what Soundtrap is all about – and it aims to make music making a social experience. Although, not the most feature heavy DAW that we’ve seen- the flexibility on offer is worth it. You can use Soundtrap on your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet and ChromeBooks.

    You don’t even have to download Soundtrap. It is based entirely online – and to ease collaborations, has integrated chats and video calls.

    You can learn more here :

  3. ARDOUR 

    Ardour is a powerful, open source free DAW which has been around for a while now. Although, it started off as a Linux based DAW, the new version can run on both Windows and Mac. With a polished interface and customisable configuration, Ardour has plenty to offer for those looking to record, edit, mix and master.Other highlights of this wonderful DAW include unlimited channels and buses, great support for hardware and a plethora of configuration options. It is really hard to find a fault with this one !

    Learn more here:


    Audacity is a free, easy-to-use audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other os platforms. Notwithstanding the lack of multiple tracks, Audacity is the go to DAW for editing your audio samples.

    Download it here:


    Apple’s Garageband is another free DAW available exclusively for MAC users. One of the more popular free DAWs today, it offers excellent recording options and a huge list of virtual instruments.

    Learn more here :

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